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Our collies at European dog show of 2016.

The 2016 European Dog Show was held in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, the headquarters of the FCI (International Cynological Federation) is located in this city.
Brussels has not hosted world and European championships since 1995. Then the World dog show was organized in Brussels, which remained in our memory forever, when our "Rhys" – ROCLYNN KINGS MINSTREL won World Winner title and became the Best of Breed. Therefore, we have a very positive attitude towards Brussels.
65 Rough Collies were entered from 16 European countries, including England, Russia, Israel. The largest number of collies were from Belgium – 18 dogs, 9 collies were from France. From other countries there were from 1 to 5 dogs.
The judge was the allrounder from Slovakia, Mr. Vladimir Piskay. The judging was quite understandable. Judge preferred dogs of medium and above average height, with a strong bones and masculine heads. It was very important that the dog independently showed ears and a proud standing in the ring. Manual handling was not welcomed.
We showed two males. In open class - „Blondy” – NYITRAMENTI CLARINS OF RADWAY was in full condition. He did his job in the ring very well and, in our opinion, won the open class very confidently.

Nyitramenti Clarins of Radway in the ring at European Dog show in Brussels.


Our "Magic" – CASTLE’S QUEEN BRUNO BANANI was showed in the champion class.
It should be noted that the day of show was extremely hot, despite the conditioning in the exhibition halls the air was very heavy. In the time of the show, "Magic" was already 7 years old, he was in full coat and it was clear that he was not feeling comfortable enough in the ring. In this case the dog can not to be courageous and attractive enough. In addition, "Magic" is not a big dog and, apparently, therefore, he did not attract the attention of judge. As a result he got Excellent without a place.
For the European Winner title “Blondy” competed with a champion dog from Luxembourg, who looked very attractive in standing position. But in movement "Blondy" confidently demonstrated best physical condition and temperament.
So, “Blondy” became European Winner of 2016.

Nyitramenti Clarins of Radway - CACIB, European Winner.
Huligan from Ospern - Res.CACIB

Nyitramenti Clarins of Radway - Blondy.

Our next member of Nyitramenti team was “Pompa” – NYITRAMENTI POMPADOUR MADAME, she was showed in Junior class.
Only 4 participants were in her class and it seemed to me that there was not strong competition.
Although “Pompa” was wearing a far from full coat, she won the class and became the Junior European Winner.
We are lucky for this title, “Pompa” became our 7th dog, which was awarded it.

Nyitramenti Pompadour Madame - Junior European Winner of 2016 in Brussels.

Junior European Winner of 2016 Pompa with Belgian rosette.

European Winner title among adult bitches was awarded in a much more serious competition.
We showed our “Coco” - CASTLE’S QUEEN COCO CHANEL in the champion class.
The most serious competitor, of course, was the current year's Crufts Winner CHELBORN DESIRABLE, who won the champion class and then the title.
Coco” became the second in class and Reserve CACIB. Standing behind such a glorious winner was not offensive. The reserve European Winner title is also a very significant result.

Castle's Queen's Coco Chanel in the ring.

European Winner of 2016 Chelborn Desirable
Res.CACIB - Castle's Queen Coco Chanel.


The last member of our collie team was “Merry” - KRISTMAS LAV MISS WOW WOW, who was awarded by the title of
European Veteran Winner of 2016.

Kristmas Lav Miss Wow Wow - Merry - European Veteran Winner of 2016.

The wonderful final of the judging of our breed was the Blondy's victory in the competition for Best of Breed.
So our titles are
European Winner and Best of Breed - NYITRAMENTI CLARINS OF RADWAY
European Junior Winner and Best Junior - NYITRAMENTI POMPADOUR MADAME
European Veteran Winner and Best Veteran - KRISTMAS LAV MISS WOW WOW

Nyitramenti Clarins of Radway Best of Breed
Chelborn Desirable - Best Opposite Sex.

Blondy in the main ring, group competition.

Show hugs. Our friend Marina from Israel with Coco.

The day was good.

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