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Not all of our dogs become champions. It’s normal. And even though every owner is very proud of the titles of their dogs, the dogs are loved not for the show results. In this part of the site we will present those of our dogs or dogs born in our kennel who did not become a champion. Some of them turned out as great producers not needing any titles, others are just beloved friends and that is the most important.
Here are our Non-Champions to present to you.

Delight Tatranska romanca
Natasakerti Bell
Abaházi Andi
Nyitramenti Alexa
Nyitramenti Advent
Nyitramenti Azimuth
Nyitramenti Baroness In Red
Nyitramenti Blanche of Castile
Nyitramenti Danube
Nyitramenti Forerunner
Claredawn Look to the Stars
Aberhill Personality Madam
Nyitramenti Ups and Downs
Holiday Golden King George
Nyitramenti Halo
Nyitramenti Handshake
Nyitramenti Jackpot
Nyitramenti Jack of All Trades
Nyitramenti John Barleycorn
Nyitramenti Just Splendid
Nyitramenti Jeweled Hair-pin
Nyitramenti Jolly Voice
Nyitramenti Life Guard
Nyitramenti Love Story
Nyitramenti Nectarine
Nyitramenti Neptun
Nyitramenti Nutlet
Nyitramenti Oliver Twist
Nyitramenti Orpheus
Nyitramenti Olimpian Gold
Nyitramenti Polonaize
Nyitramenti Pretty Woman
Nyitramenti Quest
Nyitramenti Royal Road
Nyitramenti Royal Style
Nyitramenti Ruby Lace
Nyitramenti Ruby Rose
Nyitramenti Safety-pin
Nyitramenti Silken-net
Nyitramenti San Bruno
Nyitramenti Scooter Black
Nyitramenti Santa Lucia
Nyitramenti Sauris
Nyitramenti Sicilia
Nyitramenti Silken Orchid
Nyitramenti Tangent Sight
Nyitramenti Unspotted Reputation
Nyitramenti Upper-Class Boy
Nyitramenti Winkel of Sunny Valley
Nyitramenti Wildcat of Sunny Valley
Nyitramenti Xanthippe
Nyitramenti Zelous Swain
Nyitramenti Zenith
Nyitramenti Zeus
Nyitramenti Zippy Maid
Nyitramenti Zowie
Nyitramenti Zippy Fellow at Hawkswood
Nyitramenti Zodiacal Light at Hawkswood
Nyitramenti Zlata at Hawkswood
Nyitramenti Z.Z.Top at Hawkswood
Nyitramenti Bronze Guard
Nyitramenti Banker
Nyitramenti Deep Love
Nyitramenti Daisy
Nyitramenti Discoverer
Nyitramenti Eastern Dance
Nyitramenti Flight of Fansy
Nyitramenti Fiddle-Faddle
Nyitramenti Impressario
Nyitramenti Impulse
Nyitramenti Ivory Rose
Nyitramenti Jam and Spoon
Nyitramenti Koh-I-Noor
Nyitramenti Karma
Nyitramenti Kincorra
Nyitramenti Kasszia
Nyitramenti Lodestar
Nyitramenti Logarithm
Nyitramenti Quasar
Nyitramenti Quartz Clock
Nyitramenti Vilnius
Nyitramenti Velvet Tread
Nyitramenti Viscountess
Nyitramenti X-tra Model
Nyitramenti Jemtia
Nyitramenti Madonna Lily
Nyitramenti Unicum
Nyitramenti Zagallo

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