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For a true shepherd which Rough Collie is supposed to be it’s a vital requirement and a greatest joy to be in motion. Our dogs adore long active walks and we consider it our duty to to offer them this opportunity on regular basis.
Dog walkings pep us up and gives us incredible joy, especially while watching the healthy movement of well-built dogs and the happiness it brings them. We want to share the pictures taken at a walking on a frosty winter day with the visitors of our site.

In the fore our six years old Noreen and her granddaughter Merry enjoy the flight and share their impressions on it. A bit afield there are sheltie Blaze, Noreen’s four years old daughter Ambra, ten years old veteran Emperor and five years old Zlata. Sheltie Bator is wrapped up in examining the owner’s pocket, while young collie Zizou is hesitating whether to run as the others or to follow Bator’s example.

Snow racing has kick-started!
Bator, Zlata, Noreen and Merry.

At walks Emperor forgets about his venerable age and gets so captured by running that now and then leaves the youngsters behind!

Bator and Noreen don’t stop chatting even while scuttling.

In the fore - Zlata, Merry, Noreen, Ambra.

Merry, Noreen, Ambra and chasing them 5 months old sheltie Blaze.

And here is the back view.

Almost “Russian troika”.

Zlata and Bator.

After having active racy warm up it’s high time to get a reward from the owner.

Blaze, Zizou and Merry play with ball.

Ambra and Zizou.

Winter fairy-tale.

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