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Autumn is a great time for dog training at dog training school. We cannot say that our collies are the best students.
But still we can to brag about something. Our collies learned many exercises easily and they are happy to perform them.

Our collies love very much to go to dog training school. They know that after classes there will definitely be running and playing. Fast running is a greatest joy in life for our collies. For us, the greatest pleasure is to watch the magnificent running of our dogs. Once we took a camera and now we can share with guests of our website these pictures of collie’s games.

Missy - the mother of two tricolor collies, invites the whole team to run after her, for this she shows everyone that she has a “booty”.

Mandy - playing at a fast pace.

The game of littermates is swift and energetic. Mandy and Parduc play to catch-up.

The last series of photos shows a collie in a fetching game. In the main role is Dream - 14-months old female.

Racing at a full speed.


Capture the toy.

And a proud return.

Collie is the most beautiful breed of dog in the world. And especially they are beautiful in free movement. Isn't that true? ...

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