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We have over 40 years experience with the breed, 30 of these under the name "Nyitramenti". We are working strictly according to the standard, norms of selection and ethics. All of our stud animals are of British origins. Our aim is to breed dogs that are as close as possible to the standard of the breed, in combination with good temperament. For our kennel we chose the modern English type of the breed.

Dear visitor! Welcome at the site of the Hungarian collie-sheltie kennel "Nyitramenti". We hope, in all the variety of the presented information you will find a useful piece for you. All the presented texts are written by me - Elena Balazsovits – all the content is copyrighted. All the photographs are taken out of my personal collection. If you especially like some picture and would like to use it at your site, please do not forget to link to the origin. We recommend to use the "Unicode" (UTF-8) encoding while viewing the English–Hungarian version of the site.


Nyitramenti Collies and Shelties, 2022
Hungary 2132 Göd, Margit u. 4
tel. +36 305290071, +36 27330522