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Youth World Winner
Roclynn Kings Minstrel


Youth European Winners

Nyitramenti Pastoral
Nyitramenti Barrister
Nyitramenti Chimney-Sweep
Nyitramenti Little Miss
Nyitramenti Navigator
Nyitramenti Indian Summer
Nyitramenti Pompadour Madame


Hungarian Youth Champions
Claredawn Flash Dance
Sandiacre Spangled Dreams
Roclynn Kings Minstrel
Nyitramenti Narrow Eyed
Nyitramenti Olimpian Super Star
Nyitramenti Peack of Glory
Nyitramenti Pastoral
Nyitramenti Victress of Snow Hills
Nyitramenti Whirl-Wind
Nyitramenti Zest for Life
Nyitramenti Elixir
Nyitramenti Europe
Nyitramenti Formula One
Nyitramenti Follow the Fashion
Nyitramenti Golden Tracery
Nyitramenti Internet
Nyitramenti Igneous Lace
Nyitramenti Iron Lady
Joshren Noreen Gloidh
Nyitramenti Kansas
New Inspiration ze Zlate Jalny
Nyitramenti Leitmotive
Nyitramenti Navigator
Nyitramenti Platinum Blonde
Nyitramenti Question Master
Nyitramenti Quimberley
Nyitramenti Quelle
Nyitramenti Olympus
Nyitramenti Romantic Tale
Nyitramenti Royal Gesture
Nyitramenti The One and Only
Kőakói Terry-Tramp
Nyitramenti X-tra-Gold
Nyitramenti X-tra Personage
Nyitramenti Yachtman
Kristmas Lav Miss Wow Wow
Nyitramenti Brother Loie
Nyitramenti Challenger
Nyitramenti Eusebio
Nyitramenti Erste Liebe
Castle's Queen Bruno Banani
Nyitramenti Gemstone
Nyitramenti Bridget of Radway
Nyitramenti Indian Summer
Castle's Queen Coco Chanel
Nyitramenti Clarins of Radway
Nyitramenti Misterious May
Nyitramenti Pompadour Madame
Nyitramenti Port Arthur
Nyitramenti Tiziano's Venus
Nyitramenti Yanichar Sultan


Youth Champions of other countries
Austrian Youth CH Roclynn Kings Minstrel
Luxembourg Youth CH Nyitramenti Barrister
Austrian Youth CH Nyitramenti Igneous Lace
German Youth CH Ranger von Belvedere
Croatian Youth CH New Inspiration ze Zlate Jalny
Austrian Youth CH Nyitramenti Leitmotive
Serbian and Montenegro, Bulgarian Youth CH Nyitramenti Little Miss
Polish Youth CH Nyitramenti Night Flighter
Romanian Youth CH Nyitramenti Negus
Bulgarian and Serbian Youth CH Nyitramenti Queen of Beauty
Croatian Youth CH Nyitramenti Romantic Tale
Luxembourg Youth CH Nyitramenti Up and Coming
Luxembourg Youth CH Nyitramenti The One and Only
Russian Youth CH Nyitramenti Saint Exupery
Slovakian, Austrian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Romanian Youth CH Nyitramenti X-tra Gold
Austrian Youth CH Nyitramenti X-tra Personage
Croatian Youth CH Nyitramenti Yachtman
Slovakian, Polish Youth CH Nyitramenti Yekaterina Empress
Croatian, Slovenian Youth CH Kristmas Lav Miss Wow Wow
Slovenian Youth CH Nyitramenti Zinedine Zidane
Polish, Slovakian Youth CH Nyitramenti Brother Loie
Russian Youth CH Nyitramenti D'Artagnan
Lithuanian and Latvian Youth CH Nyitramenti Donna Julia
Russian Youth CH Nyitramenti Elfe
Slovakian Youth CH Castle's Queen Bruno Banani
Russian Youth CH Nyitramenti Gold Collection
Lithuanian Youth CH Nyitramenti Byron of Radway
Israeli Youth CH Nyitramenti Indian Summer
Austrian Youth CH Castle's Queen Coco Chanel
Czech Youth CH Nyitramenti Mr May
Luxembourg Youth CH Nyitramenti Pompadour Madame
Slovakian Youth CH Nyitramenti Tiziano's Venus
Serbian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Romanian Youth CH Nyitramenti Yanichar Sultan


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