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Hungarian Champions

Claredawn Stars in Her Eyes
Delbar Simply Special
Joshren Noreen Gloidh
Nyitramenti Barcelona
Nyitramenti Barrister
Nyitramenti Captain Blood
Nyitramenti Claudia Schiffer
Nyitramenti Dandy
Nyitramenti Don’t Lose a Victory
Nyitramenti Elixir
Nyitramenti Emperor
Nyitramenti Europe
Nyitramenti Formula One
Nyitramenti Golden Tracery
Nyitramenti Great Pretender
Nyitramenti Igneous Lace
Nyitramenti Iron Lady
Nyitramenti Jaguar
Nyitramenti Leitmotive
Nyitramenti Narrow Eyed
Nyitramenti Olimpian Super Star
Nyitramenti Pastoral
Nyitramenti Robin Hood
Nyitramenti Whirl-Wind
Nyitramenti Young Lady
Nyitramenti Your Majesty of Snow Hills
Nyitramenti Zero Hour
Nyitramenti Zest for Life
Ranger von Belvedere
Roclynn Kings Minstrel
Sandiacre Spangled Dreams
Sandiacre Streets Ahead
Sharidon Ayleen Carrow Spicer
Snow Stail Goddes
New Inspiration ze Zlate Jalny
Nyitramenti Romantic Tale
Nyitramenti Perpetual Mobile
Nyitramenti Platinum Blonde
Nyitramenti The One and Only
Nyitramenti Vivid Flash
Nyitramenti Waterloo
Nyitramenti Wonderful Life
Nyitramenti X-tra Gold
Nyitramenti X-tra Personage
Nyitramenti Yachtman
Nyitramenti Zinedine-Zidane
Castle's Queen Bruno Banani
Nyitramenti Eusebio
Kristmas Lav Miss Wow Wow
Nyitramenti Bridget of Radway
Nyitramenti Illusionist
Castle's Queen Coco Chanel
Nyitramenti Clarins of Radway
Nyitramenti Dreamdance
Nyitramenti Jaffa
Nyitramenti Yanichar Sultan


Champions of other countries

Austrian CH Sandiacre Spangled Dreams
USSR CH Nyitramenti Huckleberry
Russian and Kazakhstan CH Nyitramenti Pure Taste
Russian CH Nyitramenti Ultimate Decision
Russian CH Nyitramenti Victress of Snow Hills
Russian CH Nyitramenti Vast Sheme
Russian CH Nyitramenti Winchester of Sunny Valley
Russian CH Nyitramenti Xaver
Russian CH Nyitramenti Young Boss of Snow Hills
Luxembourg CH Nyitramenti Your Majesty of Snow Hills
Russian CH Nyitramenti Yellow Sonata of Snow Hills
Russian CH Nyitramenti Yule Song of Snow Hills
Russian CH Nyitramenti Zest in Cake at Hawkswood
Russian CH Nyitramenti Aznavur of Snow Hills
Russian CH Nyitramenti Alboretto of Snow Hills
Russian CH Nyitramenti Afterglow of Snow Hills
Russian CH Nyitramenti Asset of Snow Hills
Polish CH Nyitramenti Barrister
Russian CH Nyitramenti Captain Blood
Estonian and Luxemburg CH Nyitramenti Chimney-Sweep
Spain and Gibraltar CH Nyitramenti Electron
Russian CH Nyitramenti Erin
Polish CH Nyitramenti Fire Ball
Finnish and Estonian CH Nyitramenti Elbereth
Czech CH Sharidon Ayleen Carrow Spicer
Austrian and Croatian CH Nyitramenti Elixir
Austrian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Polish and Germany CH Nyitramenti Igneous Lace
Russian Champion Nyitramenti Her Highness
Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonian and Bulgarian CH
Nyitramenti Little Miss
Luxembourg CH Ranger von Belvedere
Bulgarian CH Nyitramenti Legionary
Polish CH Nyitramenti Night Flighter
South-Africa CH Nyitramenti Next Best
Austrian, Slovakian CH Nyitramenti Leitmotive
Romanian CH Nyitramenti Hawkeye
Croatian CH Nyitramenti Don't Lose a Victory
Croatian, Czech CH Joshren Noreen Gloidh
Croatian CH Nyitramenti Perpetual Mobile
Slovakian CH Nyitramenti Emperor
Romanian, Serbian CH Nyitramenti Platinum Blonde
Austrian CH Sunresc Lace Anonymous
Czech CH Nyitramenti Royal Gesture
Russian CH Nyitramenti Saint Exupery
Belgian, Luxembourg CH Nyitramenti Up And Coming
Polish CH Nyitramenti Ursa Major
Russian CH Nyitramenti Uranus
Bulgarian CH Nyitramenti Queen of Beauty
Slovenian, Germany CH New Inspiration ze Zlate Jalny
Slovakian, Romanian, Austrian CH Nyitramenti Romantic Tale
Serbian, Croatian CH Nyitramenti Vivid Flash
South Africa CH Nyitramenti Prometheus
Romanian CH Nyitramenti Walkie-Talkie
Romanian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Croatian, Austrian, Serbian CH Nyitramenti X-tra Gold
Polish, Slovakian CH Nyitramenti Yekateria Empress
Germany, Austrian, Slovenian Champion Nyitramenti Waterloo
Slovenian, Germany CH Nyitramenti Wonderful Life
Austrian, Croatian CH Kristmas Lav Miss Wow Wow
Lithuanian CH Nyitramenti Donna Julia
Slovakian, Croatian CH Castle's Queen Bruno Banani
Swiss, Austrian CH Nyitramenti Forcible Argument
Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian CH Nyitramenti Foxy Lady
Israeli CH Nyitramenti Indian Summer
Austrian, Germany, Czech, Slovenian, Luxembourg CH Nyitramenti Eusebio
Slovenian, Romanian CH Nyitramenti Bridget of Radway
Czech CH Nyitramenti Mr May
Slovakian, Romanian CH Nyitramenti Vesuvius Volcano
Ukrainian CH Nyitramenti Yanichar Sultan


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