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Puppies sired by Castle's Queen Bruno Banani ex Kristmas Lav Miss Wow Wow.

Nyitramenti Illusionist
Male 5 weeks old.
This boy is most similar to his father. Very nice in type, strong in bone, self-assured pup. He has beautiful head and expression. It is offered to fans of dog shows, since it is very perspective for this purpose.
Nyitramenti Illusionist

Illusionist stays in the foreground, on a background - Nyitramenti Inch Kenneth

Nyitramenti Inch Kenneth
Male, 5 weeks old.
Exclusively elegantly colored,  pure type. He can become a show star.
Playful, quick-witted, sociable.
In the foreground - Inch Kenneth, on a background - puppy female
Nyitramenti Ikebana

Nyitramenti Invisible Man
Male, 5 weeks old
Invisible Man - the most elegant boy. Mobile, inquisitive puppy.
He will satisfy the highest requirements of fans of a collie with the big and symmetric white collar.
Invisible Man

Nyitramenti Irish Step
Male, 5 weeks old
Promises to be above than medium size of modern collies. Already now he can stand proudly, with impassive dignity. He should grow a nice and strong dog.
Irish Step and Inch Kenneth

Nyitramenti Ikebana
Female 5 weeks old
She will be typical bitch from our breed line, beautiful expression.
Our girls - Ikebana and Indian Summer.
Nyitramenti Indian Summer
Female, 5 weeks old
Very promising show quality puppy.
Indian Summer
 Indian Summer and Ikebana.

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Information about parents and photos of puppies in the age of 2 weeks.

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Photos of puppies in the age of 4-5 months.

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